Top Ten list of Best Android Game Apps

All big tablet Pc devices and smartphone companies like HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and samsung are now android based. Android market place is considered the biggest app platform which is filled with every genre of 3D and 2D mobile game apps. Every type of free and paid apps are available whether its action, puzzle and racing etc.So, It is hard for one to find best games out of countless apps. I decided to research and share the list of top ten best game apps. See the details below and get a hand over cool apps of android.

Angry Birds 

Angry birds is record breaking worldwide top ranked app. Initially it was developed for iOS but the huge success dragged it to android platform as well. Users are supposed to kill gang of pigs who stole eggs of angry birds. Users use a fixed slingshot so that they can fling the birds. Game-play is simple and smoother. Game is based on dynamic physics which also covers all important factors including graphics, amazing background music and versatile maps.

best android app

Paradise Island

Best stimulating fun app available on android market. An addictive platform to construct your own empire. This game actually gifts you an island to build it the way you want. Paradise Island is a coolest opportunity to judge your business skills. Utilize your development skills to develop world’s best island for tourists where you can entertain them with building high life casinos, hotels, fun areas and discos and clubs. Your island should be the best package for tourists. This top ranked app is a good way to improve your business android app

Gun Bros

This Game is a gift for all those who look for massive action and huge destruction. Real action app with dynamic flow of highly cool graphics. One of the best use of 3D in mobile apps industry. Game play is too easy and user friendly. All levels are too rich but game control to cross. Gun Bros is a action with an appealing concept and detailed features of guns and machines and it is also one of most admired game app of android market.                top ten android pps

Scooter Hero

Scooter hero is unique form of racing, where users enjoy the best scrolling game play. Rule is simple that you have to drive and go far-away as much as you can with crashing or falling down. There are 3 different playing modes available for free that cover every aspect of best app. You just need to drive carefully, jump cleverly and reach to the next destination safely. The one grinds gets extra points.                                                                                              coolest racing app

Aqua Pets

This is a called a truly cute game to flawlessly enjoy your time. Aqua pets is all about fishing, aquarium and visual beauty. Play wisely, catch verity of fishes and fill your aquarium with beautiful fishes. This app gives a aquarium, decorate it and improve your aesthetics. There are number surprising features that one finds through fishing with certain number of rods and bait. This cute app of android offers stimulating fun for free.                                                cool android app

Robo Defense

Robo Defense is globally admired app which is basically a Tower defense game. The game is real big deal for enjoying action. Massive fun of aircrafts and troops. Robo Defense app consists of five different exciting maps. This successful app of android is developed by Lupis Labs Software to generate pragmatic experience of war games. High quality Background Music and explosion graphics make it look so real. Both, paid and free versions are available for this game.                                                                                                                                                            best android appliction

Need for Speed Shift

In this world every gamer is familiar with this best rated car racing game. Shift version of Need for Speed is available with finest graphic quality, best rendered cars and easy controls. This game app is designed to offer world’s best experience of car racing. There is list of twenty best cars and eighteen lively racing tracks to boost the taste of app. Game play is simply but purely addictive. Feature to modify cars and long tracks are also provided so that winner will not lose interest. One can also submit high score.                                                              top car racing android app


Cordy is worldwide accepted 3D game which is worthy of being in this top ten list. Cordy is 3D character and users are asked to help Cordy by pushing him forward, jumping high, run fast and help him lift like a skilled one. One takes absolute pleasure of puzzles, addictive game-play and dynamic use of finest graphics. There are 4 different levels available FREE for this game app. Cordy is highly recommended game for fun seekers. s and bait. top fun android app

Bird Hunting

Bird Hunting is a newly developed emerging game, designed to provide addictive shooting fun for all ages. As it offers 3 different modes specific ages, for kids, teen and professional. Bird hunting is 2D game in which one has to act as a hunter who is very desperate to hunt every bird. Some interesting features like tempting sounds and unlocking heavy guns are also available. This addictive hunting fun with nicely composed physics based designs.                                                                                                                                                                Top hunting game app

Action Potato

Action Potato is a 2D fun game which falls in ‘cute’ category. Game is quite simple with well composed design and amazing physics. You need to catch every visible potato on the screen. An actual productive light mood game gently provides entertainment for all age groups. This android game is a fun practice of catching. App is available for free and it is really deserves to be downloaded once.                                                                                            Top Free Android App

There are also some other cool apps in every category of android based games but I have chosen and shared the top ten best apps of current year 2011. Share your views about these apps and tell what app tempts you the most and why?


3 Responses to Top Ten list of Best Android Game Apps

  1. kevin says:

    The article was awesome, thanks for providing the best list. it is really informative. Out of all these the android app that i like the most is ‘Bird Hunting’. this is best hunting game ever.

  2. alina tria says:

    Android market is full of apps and i heard sooner it is going to beat iOS app store quantity wise. I appreaciate your effort. Such articles help a lot to understand the trends of anroid market gaming applications.

  3. Jennifer Wade says:

    I dont like action potato at all. It is not that good fun or best game at all rest are fine. Gun Bros rocks, when ever i search applications on android market i always try to find best addictive action apps or some line drawing fun like Air Flight Control.
    The point is that market trends are never stable they can shake any time. There is always a margin for new game to replace previous one so it is always hard to decided best apps or top ten apps.

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